They say the world in which we live in was not always filled with so many different species. In fact, it has been written in many ancient books that for most of the worlds existence only humans were walking the earth. The wilderness dominates the lands with very few towns or cities in this land that was once called the United States of America. It was said the entire world looked much like this empire. Roads dotted the land, made for rapid transport of humans using vehicles to easily travel. Many ships easily sailed the oceans. Most areas glowed with lights from electricity and other power sources allowing humans to move about as easily in the night as if it was day. Most of the land was buildings and other constructs for rest, business, or leisure. I’ve heard that billions of humans lived all over this globe, back then there being only seven continents. Today I hear there maybe more. Magic as we know it was non-existent. There were no dragons who had been spotted nor any beings from other dimensions. Even ley lines, those magical energy lives that traverse the earth like rivers of pure magical energy was nowhere to be found.
If stories be true something happened in the past to cause some great cataclysmic event that shock the world to its core. Change it into what we see today. Most of the humans died that day, I am unsure exactly how many but it was in the millions at the least maybe billions. Humans whom once fought only with themselves over the resources of the world found themselves in a land filled with they may have thought was a living nightmare. Maybe the hubris of our ancestors has cost us much, but humans survived and now we share these land with many others. We have survived.
There are no longer the great empires of Old. Kingdoms like America, Canada and Mexico are gone! The east coast of North America has giant reptilian monsters and the great cities of the west has turned into dust. Once it was said a golden state was there, but I have been told that is no longer the case. Mexico is dominated by mindless vampires and an alien race of insects dominates parts of Canada. Who knows what the earth will look like in the future? We do know that we live in a world where some places have many types of beings trying to eke out a living together and other areas more exclusionary where one species lives segregated from others hoping to survive among only their own. This is the world you live in, welcome to the world of Rifts.

After careful consideration, I have decided I will run more than one game on Roll 20. If you play in one of my games already I am placing a priority for new players not already participating in any of my games. If slots for a game I am running remains open I may allow a player from one game to join the other game. It would be best to play just one character in any campaign I run. I will make exceptions only after having experience running with that a player for several months (3-6) and there is room. It will all be on a case by case basis.
I am looking for a group of players to play in a campaign set in the above-mentioned game system/ world. Previous experience with the game is not required or preferred. I am hoping to find at least a group of four to six players. I will begin with no less than two players and may allow for up to eight
All Characters in the North America group will be limited to characters from the 1st edition: core book, Any World books whose locations are in the North American (including Canada region but, north of the Mexico), other books include, Sourcebooks 1 and 4, Conversion Book 1, Mercenaries, and appropriate Rifter source material. All classes/ races are still subject to approval by GM. No player created pre-generated characters will be accepted. The GM can and will provide pre-generated characters on request.
Do not post or reply with any character sheets in any game I run. Players should play a character they can really get involved with that they can enjoy for a good length of time. Players do not need to create characters to “round-out” a groups short coming. While the character should have things about them that a group would desire, like working well with other players should feel free to play some type of character that really gets them excited. In other words, don’t make a warrior because the group needs another warrior. Play something you want to play and the group will just have to work around their short comings.
Please do not put down what type of player you wish to play, nor discuss or post anything about a character’s stats/ occupation/ abilities/ equipment.
Players will not begin knowing each other unless they grew up together or has spent time with another PC before the campaign begins. Each character will more than likely start out the game by themselves. All rolls for characters must be witnessed by the GM in the chat. Each character should have a short backstory about them that must also be approved by the GM. The GM can help each player with creating characters and their backgrounds or provide the background. Each player will have to schedule a date to create their character with the GM using the Role 20 game by messaging. Having the books is not necessary. I will not provide copies of any books. I generally use the games pretty much as the rules are written in whatever edition I list. I do not generally change any of the rules. If I have any house rules, they will be posted/ discussed prior to the first game. I use a hidden gaming method (self-created) that most players may not be accustomed too, but I assure you if you like stories with depth and deep characters you will enjoy my gaming style. This is not a game for those wanting only to hack and slash/ shoot and loot. My games require substance and work form both the GM and players. Experience is earned never freely given (any game I run if you are starting out the game you will be creating a 1st level/ 0 experienced character. I only desire mature players that are respectful to everyone both in and out of the game. Disrespectful or disruptive players will not be tolerated in games I run. You may be given a warning once, perhaps twice afterwards I will block the person permanently. You are required to be at least 17 or older to participate in my games.

When coming up with a character make sure you create a character that will provide a “good enough” reason for others to want to travel with and/ or trust. If you make a character that has no positive value to being with the group please do not expect the other players to accept them in their group. Be realistic with your approach to this game when creating your character’s concept and ability to get along with others in the group. It is okay to make a character who will bump heads with others, a loner type or even have a very different set of beliefs, but there must be a solid reason(s) why others would travel with them in the end. Even Raistlin Majere of Dragonlance constantly provided proof why the rest of his party traveled/ worked with him.
Please do not discuss political, religious or any other real-world topics that others may find offense. My games are LBGTQI+ accepting and I expect everyone to respect each other no matter the race, sex, religion, disabilities, or any other difference another individual may have. So long as your differences are not disrupting the game I have no problem with it and expect the same from my players both in and out of the game.

Cassie P (GM)