Do not believe what the scientist tell you. The natural history we know is a lie, a falsehood sold to us by wicked old men who would make the world a dull gray prison and protect us from the dangers inherent to freedom. They would have you believe our planet to be a lonely starship, hurtling through the void of space, barren of magic and in need of a stern hand upon the rudder.
Close your mind to their deception. The time before our time was not a time of senseless natural struggle and reptilian rage, but a time of myth and sorcery. It was a time of legend, when heroes walked Creation and wielded the very power of the gods. It was a time before the world was bent, a time before the magic of creation lessened, a time before the souls of men became the stunted, withered things they are today.
That is the story of that time.
This is the story of the Exalted -- from the back of the corebook Exalted 2nd edition

What makes Exalted different from any other fantasy role-playing game?
It draws it’s inspiration from both Western and Eastern sources, both old and new.
The first major influences are the ancient epics of the West and East: The Ramayana, The Iliad, Journey to the West, The Arabian Nights, et cetera
Next Pulp Fiction; which birthed legends such as Tarzan, Conan, Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser
The final sources of inspiration for Exalted are Asia’s over-the-top manga, anime, videogames and wuxia films.
The second way Exalted is different from other roleplaying games is in the power level involved. In most fantasy games, a player’s “Heroic” character starts out as a complete wuss. He is lucky if he owns a rusty dagger and a loincloth, and he’s possessed of all the fighting prowess of an asthmatic school boy. Exalted is different. Exalted characters begin the game as bad-butts -- reborn heroes of old wielding powerful magic and weapons so massive mere mortals can’t even lift them. These heroes are easily capable of challenging armies in combat and prevailing.
Finally Exalted setting: Creation is a fantastic place, a flat plane larger than the whole of our Earth formed by the confluences of elemental forces and the will of ancient primordial beings. Once an even larger and more fabulous place, all of Creation was nearly destroyed some 800 years ago by powerful forces arrayed against it. Just beyond the edges of the world, the Fair Folk bide their time, waiting for another opportunity to march forth from the formless Wyld to undo shaped reality. Just beneath the skin of the world, the necrotic lords of the Underworld plot to share the gift of Oblivion with all living things. And imprisoned within the infinite body of the Yozi known as Malfeas, the Demon Princes strives to escape their prison. Meanwhile, in the Celestial City of Yu-Shan, even the greatest of the gods cannot tear their attention away from the seductive Games of Divinity although Creation teeters on the brink of apocalypse. That leaves the Chosen of the Gods, the Exalted, as Creations only hope.
Those Exalted are your characters. What legends will you tell of their deeds?
--from Exalted’s Introduction

If you have read all of that, you have just been introduced to the game of Exalted. I am looking to run a Chronicle featuring five players for the Exalted game. The players will each make unique characters that will each some how change the world as it is, in dramatic way for good or ill. Each has been gifted with great powers that makes them very dangerous to the established powers that be. How will they use those powers? Will they try and make a better world, conquer the lands or bring about the destruction of the world?
The game begins with very few people if any realizing your abilities. If the wrong individuals find out what powers you have attained they will try to destroy you. This world once belonged to the Solars which you have recently become, but your kind has been demonized throughout history. Beings with powers like you are called “Anathema” and your powers are believed to have origins from devil worshipping and evil sacrifices. For nearly 800 years the Dynastic Empire has influenced most of the world. Their leadership is lead by a type of “Holy” Exalted known as “Dragon-Blooded.” The happen to be the most populous kind of Exalted throughout Creation. Those who belong to the Empire will stop at nothing to destroy individuals like you!
Other magical creatures have their own plans for the world, most of whom are not benign. Recently within the last couple of years your body has been infused with an immortal spark that moves from host to host when the body dies. It seems to carry memories of its past lives and it is what gives you the powers you now possess. You are unsure if your power are evil. Maybe, it is like a weapon and depending on the type of person who wields it will makes the difference if the power are good or evil.
You have read some of the introduction of Exalted. Many powerful beings have their own designs for Creation. You may wish to support them or stand against them. Will you become saviors of humanity or new dictators in a cruel world? This is what I want to explore with you in this game. Your characters are powerful beings but you are not the only ones with such gifts. There are other Exalts some just like yourself and they each have their own desires. The Dynast wants to rule the world, and other beings want to subjugate the inhabitants of Creation.
There is much to discover, ancient ruins, treasure and artifacts, monsters, and more. You do not need to be an experienced player to play Exalted. I will help each player to create suitable characters for the game. Contact me if you want more information or have an interest in playing.
Thank you for reading all this,