The above link is the introduction to my personal campaign, A Light in the Darkness. It's not affiliated with the cards of the same name (mine was before them damnit!)

I'm a DM in San Diego, and I've run my A Light in the Darkness campaign for many years now. I recently published all the campaign journals, gazetteer, npc, pc and monster folios, short stories, and adventure materials on wordpress. I've had many campaigns over the years featuring my setting and cast of characters. I thought it time to share them beyond our group.

ALIND is a unique, yet familiar D&D setting, which features various parallel campaign threads involving different areas and intrique.

If you enjoy any of it, please feel free to comment there at wordpress or follow. I update with new journals from our various ongoing campaigns and also new materials constantly. You can also use this thread to ask questions if you like. There is a LOT there, so check out as much or as little as you like.

If you are local and wish to join us, you can also message me here. I have 3-5 very consistent players, but as all who DM know D&D players like to move! Plus, we are always happy to have someone new at the table, for a session or more.

Thanks. Thomas