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July 8, 2017: May 2017 Top Ten

Our business office has reported on our sales for May, showing us once again just how important Munchkin is to our operations. How many of our Top Ten sellers in May were Munchkin titles? Well, I'll let the list speak for itself.

What's interesting is that the core Munchkin game appears in the Top Ten, despite the fact that we were out of stock at our primary warehouse. A reprint shipped a few weeks ago, but during May, the only places that held our saleable stock were Alliance, Lion Rampant, and Warehouse 23. PSI, our main partner in sales, sold out of the core Munchkin game earlier this year, meaning that our overall sales of the game have been down a bit as we waited for the next printing to arrive.

Bonus Behind-The-Scenes Info! We shipped the 32nd printing of Munchkin a few weeks ago, the 33rd printing is set to land in September, and the 34th printing*arrives in late October at the PSI warehouse. And that's in addition to the Munchkin Deluxe reprints (11th and 12th printing) that shipped in May and June, and its reprints (13th and 14th) that are on track for delivery later this year. That makes eight separate factory orders this year alone for just those two titles. That's a lot of Munchkin!

Phil Reed

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