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May 5, 2017: Get Cursed At Your Game Store!

Foiled, curses again! Wait, I think I mixed that up. Oh, no, I must have been Cursed!*

It's probably due to Munchkin Curses,*our newest booster, featuring 15 Curse-themed cards to add to any Munchkin game (check out our DI about mixing games for more about that). Do you want a more cutthroat, backstabbing game? This pack gives you 12 more Curse cards. If that's not enough, there are also a couple of Monsters, like the Cursor. Don't worry, we aren't heartless! We've included one whole Curse Reverse to help you out. See? We're nice guys!*

You can find Munchkin Curses at your local game store now! Get it soon before you step on a crack, break a mirror, walk under a ladder, open an umbrella indoors .*.*.*

Hunter Shelburne

Warehouse 23 News: Space Is A Place For Adventure

The uncharted depths of the galaxy are a great place to hang out with friends .*.*. but only if you have a space-worthy vessel. We've got you covered, with GURPS Spaceships. Design the craft of your dreams and take to the stars*-*and augment your shipyard with more options. These downloads are a few clicks away, thanks to Warehouse 23!