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May 2, 2017: GURPS Reprint Bundle Available Until May 7!

Due to the success of our recently released GURPS On Demand line, featuring eight hard-to-find books available again in print through CreateSpace, we're offering a new bundle to get RPG fans all the loot, plus more!

Available until Sunday, May 7, the GURPS Reprint Bundle is a limited-time offer that includes all of the On Demand line, comprising highly regarded books that were, until now, tough to track down. The bundle includes all eight books: classics ranging from the interstellar with GURPS Spaceships, to fantasy with GURPS Magic, and everything in between! You'll also get a bonus copy of the*GURPS Basic Set: Campaigns and*Characters. That's ten books, more than enough to get started in GURPS*or expand your existing collection. It's perfect to stock the shelves of your local game store, as well! Retailers, simply use your store's Warehouse 23 account*or contact our Retail Liaison for more about setting that up.*

We're excited to be able to offer these fan-favorites in print again, and we hope you enjoy them. Look for more books in the future, and remember to order your*GURPS Reprint Bundle by this Sunday, May 7!*

Hunter Shelburne

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