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March 13, 2017: Three Out-Of-Print GURPS Books Now Available

As we*mentioned in January, we are testing Amazon's*CreateSpace*print-on-demand service to decide whether to continue to release out-of-print books using their platform. Late last year, we posted three*GURPS*books and started watching sales. So far, sales have not been high enough to justify the effort of prepping the books for CreateSpace, but we need more titles and time to decide if the issue is a lack of demand or if we need a larger catalog to attract attention (and buyers).

We are happy to announce that three more*GURPS*books are now available as print-on-demand softcovers. All of these are available at both Amazon and*CreateSpace. In the interest of transparency, we would like to note that sales through*CreateSpace*generate more revenue for us than sales through Amazon (though both are good for us, so use whichever site you prefer).*

The three new titles are:

The three books we released last year are:

In April, we will review the performance of all six books. If you want to see more out-of-print books on CreateSpace, please spread the word to your friends and direct them to this*Daily Illuminator*post so they can judge for themselves whether to buy the available sourcebooks in support of this experiment.

Of course, you can find a lot more than just these six*GURPS*books at Amazon. While you're there, you may want to look through all of the*GURPS*books available*on the site. Many are out-of-print, and some of the pricier books would be candidates for the*CreateSpace approach if it proves cost-effective .*.*.

--*Phil Reed

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