Hello everyone!

I would just like to make my presence known with a brief introduction post! My name is Daryl Joplin, I'm 21 years old about to be 22 in a couple months, and a relatively new player/user! I have had another account before but cant remember it for the life of me. If you recognize my name, well hello again! I have this undying urge to play tabletop RPGs but sadly have had no outlet. I would love to find a local group to play with however that doesn't sound very realistic... So in lou of that, I'm always open for a virtual game on Roll20! If anyone has any Fantasy and/or Post Apocalyptic games running that needs a new member who you wouldn't mind teaching how to create a character then I'd be more than happy to be that guy! I am nearly always of service! <3 I've been wanting to play some kind of Arcane Archer for a while (I have a specific build in mind that involved riding a tiger too) but I'm willing to play about any role besides Clerics.. I dont know why, they just bore me to all hell. Anyways, come say hello and let me know if you're looking for a player! I can't wait to meet you all!!!