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Thread: Open Review Trade

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    Open Review Trade

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    Hey GitP. My name is Jesse. I'm currently attempting to spread the word for Archfossil, a platform for all my RPG works.

    The main "attraction" currently being RPG-a-Month. Every month I post a new game, and the following two months I post major updates or supplements for those games.

    The games are free. I'm hardly a professional, and I don't have a team of excellent artists working with me, so the books are very simple and I couldn't charge money for this. Also I'm doing it in the spirit of sharing and gathering involvement so I wouldn't charge for them even if I were professional and the books contained art.

    But a huge part that I'm missing is involvement from others. People who are interested to take notice and tell their friends "Hey we can get a free game every month from this guy." Which is why I'm proposing a trade...

    Take a look at any RPG a Month game I post. (Currently the options are ACE and Altered.) Or even just look through Archfossil in general. Promise to tell someone (somewhere) about it. In return I'll give my honest critique / review / evaluation of whatever your project is (so long as it's at least somewhat RPG related.) If I think highly of it, your project (and you) will get your own shoutout post on Archfossil as well as my various social medias (twitter, FB, tumblr, etc.)

    A review for a review. One good turn deserves another. And I know how hard it can be to find someone to give your work an honest look, so I'm offering to do my part in, what most will hopefully consider, a fair exchange.

    Archfossil Site
    RPG-a-Month #1 : ACE
    RPG-a-Month #2 : Altered

    (Altered is currently a WIP of sorts. I'm updating it a lot this week. More on that here.)

    Thanks for the read. ♥

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    Absolutely I will give shout-outs on G+ (I can reach thousands of people at a time thanks to connections with various industry folks and the right group memberships) and

    I'm working on an RPG called Kaigaku (think L5R with some OSR rules and more gaijin and no demons and you're pretty much there). The PDF is here and the manuscript (which contains newer work) is here.

    I'm not super thrilled with the PDF as it stands. It's always been meant to be expanded and prettied up (that's what the Kickstarter is going to be for). Also, I like the actual rules of the Black Hack (whose rules inspired this game), I don't like their presentation. The PDF release is the game in a format that TBH adherents like to see. If you read the manuscript you'll see where I've added many clarifications and examples.


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