Like system hopping? Looking for a new game to try? Check out Archfossil here!

RPG a Month is a new platform launched in May where I'll be posting new games during the first week of every month. These games will be totally free, and not too complicated (the first game released, ACE - Assault, Control, Espionage is only 14 pages long!) If you know what a d20 is, then you'll be able to understand the rules.

Every game is it's own unique system, setting, and genre. So there's always something new. And if you aren't interested in the genre or don't like the system, a new one comes out next month.

If you DO like the game, then good news! Every week the game is updated and tweaked to make it a little smoother, and the second and third week of every month a major addition is released for the last two RPG a Month entries. That means any game you're a fan of, will get fresh content and there's always something to look forward to.

To clear the air...

  • RPG a Month is basically a solo-project with little outside help.
  • Games are not tested before release, but they are played and tested afterwards. This is why there are tweaks each week and how I get the information regarding what to tweak and update.
  • The games are edited. Though there's no art, and not much in design work. Unfortunately I don't have the time or talent to make them look as nice as I'd like. (If anyone has any advice in that regard, I'd actually really appreciate it.)
  • Each game will receive two large supplemental updates over the next two months after release, but then the updates will stop to make room for the next game released.
  • Starting July (the third month of RPG a Month) there will be three games active at a time. In August the first RPG a Month (ACE) will go offline to make room for August's RPG a Month. This is the intended cycle giving each game three months of content and two major updates each.

While RPG a Month is a big part of Archfossil, and I hope you check it out, it's only once a month. To help pass the time you can count on new short stories, game journals, adventure hooks, and some "how I wrote these games and what logic I used" articles. (though I need a smoother title for that last thing.) every day. For more info, feel free to reference the schedule here! I'm going to do my best to keep up with that starting next month, but the site is young and open to some growing changes.

If you'd like to get in touch, have any comments or questions. You can post them here and I'll respond. I usually check GiantITP every day. If you're more comfortable elsewhere I'll leave my contact page link here, and you can get my attention that way. (If I'm being honest, twitter is your best shot. I'm on twitter practically all day every day.)

Thanks for the read.