Hello, I represent a new up and coming (hopefully) pen and paper role playing based company, creative assault original media.

For our first project, we are experimenting with a social/political based contacts / favors take over the city type pen and paper role playing system

its D10 based, and the party is a group of anarchists/terrorists/revolutionaries (depending on who you are asking, I guess)

the class system comes in three parts, first you pick a political camp or template, then a class archtype (combat, medical, engineering, skilled, or speech) and then there are a handful of classes to pick for each archtype.

the political 'camps' are

and Survivalist.

so, for example, a capitalist combat based character would be a mercenary, a hitman, or a bounty hunter, where a nihilist would more likely be a psychopath, or an arsonist.

The templates are very exaggerated and characterized, to make viable for gameplay

I am having trouble coming up with different kinds of classes, mostly because I am finding difficulties attributing 'good' qualities to things like nihilism and fascism.

If anybody has any ideas for more classes I would be very excited to hear them. Thanks in advance.