Hi. My name is Brian. I'm one of the GM/DM's for a small little group that plays, for the most part, every Sunday. Our group has been around for over three years now and at one time was quite large in size. Seeing people come and go, we have dwindled down in our numbers and are currently looking for new players. While we started out as a D&D group, we have branched out and found that we are all fans of many different games. Currently we are running a D20 Modern game based on the movie Red Dawn. The game is just starting so anyone who wants to jump on board is welcome. Some of the other games we play as well are Star Wars, Call of Cthulhu, and Dogs in the Vinyard. If you have a love for games, and don't mind changing genres or systems from time to time (not something that happens every weekend) then we'd like to invite you to our games. If you are interested, please email me at avfrsundays@yahoo.com.