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February 15, 2016: Star Munchkin Guest Artist Edition Available For Preorder

We're very proud to announce that Star Munchkin Guest Artist Edition is now available for pre-order in Warehouse 23! It's time to fire your lasers with all new art from Len Peralta, the man behind Geek A Week trading cards and Munchkin The Guild. We had an amazing response with advance copies at PAX South, where we demoed the game and sold out of our entire 24 copy supply in less than a day! This is a limited edition version, so make sure you contact your Friendly Local Game Store, or Warehouse 23 if you don't have one,*to reserve your copy. While you're there, grab a copy of Ian McGinty's Munchkin Guest Artist Edition.*Supplies are limited, and it's almost sold out as well!*

Len is also working hard on some other projects for us, like Bill and Ted's Excellent Boardgame. Check out this speed inking of the game cover!

Hunter Shelburne

Warehouse 23 News: Prepare For Januari In February!

What if the world-hopping wonder of GURPS Infinite Worlds wasn't fueled by science, but by magic? That's the premise behind GURPS Infinite Worlds: Collegio Januari, a campaign framework from Kenneth Hite that can add a different interdimensional intrigue to fantasy settings, Infinite Worlds, and other low-tech milieus. It's just a download away, only from Warehouse 23!