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    [Jon Brazer Enterprises] 5e Player Races Unleashed

    Races Beyond the Ordinary

    Go beyond the standard fantasy races and play a new breed of hero. These intrepid adventurers forge their place in legends with beak, claw, spell, and sword. Now you can play one of these heroic races in your home game and battle monsters like never before.

    Book of Heroic Races: Player Races 1 introduces a number of playable races for your fifth edition game. This 16-page supplement gives you everything you need to include the following races at your table:

    • Catfolk, including the near-human subrace of faol and the decidedly feline subrace of saebul
    • Hagborn, with three subraces distinguished by the type of hag that gave birth to them: green hagborn, night hagborn, and sea hagborn
    • Samsarans, featuring two subraces defined by how they communicate with their past lives: in vivid dreams or through mental personifications
    • Tengu, including a city-dwelling cosmopolitan subrace and a nomadic variant that travels the countryside
    • 7 New Subraces for existing core races: dwarves, elves, gnomes, and halflings

    Be Heroic With These New Races Today!

    Download the Book of Heroic Races: Player Races 1 for Fifth Edition at DriveThruRPG/RPGNow and
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