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Thread: Which is easier to play between the Shadowrun or Star Wars current editions?

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    Which is easier to play between the Shadowrun or Star Wars current editions?

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    I'm looking to run a once a month sci fi or cyberpunk game session that is not a campaign, but is more 1-2 game sessions adventures/missions. Something that allows players to make new characters whenever they feel like and build them quickly.
    Something plays and feels more like a good comic book adventure or sci fi short story.
    A game system lots of players know and want to play.

    I want the RPG to be something that is easy to learn, easy to run, easy to build characters and doesn't have the enormous d20 character build option massive campaign world feel.

    I've tried putting together a Savage World's sci fi or cyberpunk game like this but I could only find 2 players in my area despite advertising for months on multiple forums.

    So this thinking brought me to Shadowrun and Star Wars.
    I know players love both games and it should be easier to find and recruit players.
    I know there are beginners box sets for both as well as full core rulebooks.

    I'm looking to hear from GMs and players who have played both as far as:
    Ease of learning the rules
    Ease of teaching the rules to new players
    Ease and quickness of character builds
    Ease of putting together a game session

    I'm hoping to be able to GM something that is quick fun and spontaneous so no matter what level of RPG experience you have you can show up at a game session, play and have fun.

    I don't want to build my own world or design long drawn out adventures.
    I want a prebuilt setting and short adventures I can customize quickly and on the fly.


    kid America

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    i think shadow run is far easier than the starwars current edition according to me.

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    I would go with Shadowrun, because it has a better system. Plus, you can use all of your existing dice. The problem with FFG is that they have "specialty dice" with their games, and it is symbol-based when you roll. Ergo, certain "skills" have dice that you roll, and certain "symbols" mean different actions that happen in place of the typical "roll against a static number."

    Star Wars also uses a "narrative-type" system, where they are going for the more "cinematic" feel of Star Wars. I personally don't think this works on many levels, because most of my game sessions during the WotC era of Star Wars felt like Star Wars. I read through the "Edge of Empire" starter set, and it was really slooooooooow. As a GM, I tend more towards getting the people from encounter to encounter, and not worried so much about the "fluff." I make that up on my own. THe problem with FFG's system is that it forces fluff on you, and boiling down encounters to a few die rolls and not much else. Personally, if you wanted a good Star Wars system, I would purchase the Saga Edition of Star Wars RPG (has a Gold Vader on the front cover). It has much more to offer. But, if you want current editions, go with Shadowrun.


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