Greetings, people of these forums!

My name is Nicholas and I write to you from Hungary. I'm 25, recently graduated (Philosophy! Woo!), and already working.
I have only dipped my toes in role-playing games (WFRP 2nd and 3rd ed), mostly as a GM. I am however very much a newbie (played like.. .three sessions? GMing seems way too overwhelming ). Nevertheless I would like to give tabletop RPing another try. (I did some role-playing in video games since... Jedi Academy at the very least.) But now as a player, so I can watch from a safe distance, how all things work and add up in the long run
Now, about this website Is this a role-playing forum, or more of a LFP/LFG database-ish forum? The longer I'm exploring the site, the more I find it to be the latter.