Hi everyone,

I've been a member of this site for years and I've watched over time as the discussions have waxed and waned, chat rooms swelled and contracted and now I've come to the point where the forums and the chat rooms are all but abandoned. Many, many people were recruited from this site to others due to the drop-off in activity and now it appears that there is (sadly) almost an abandonment of this occurring and I felt obligated to write something in the way of asking the community, or what's left of it, where does this site go from here?

When I first joined this site D&D 3rd edition was the "latest and greatest" in the fantasy roleplaying game genre, and since we've watched 4th edition, Pathfinder, and now 5th edition released and actively played. It's been a long time, all the way around and I'd hate to see this place go down as I've seen so many other websites over the years.

So here it is - What do you as the P&PG leadership see for the future of this site? Should we all begin moving to other sites? Is there any intention of keeping this site active and updated? What help would you need if you were to attempt to breathe new life into this site?