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May 20, 2015: Take The GURPS Monster Hunters Fight To Strange New Realms!

The sinister forces of the GURPS Monster Hunters series have always been of a supernatural bent. But not any more! Now the incredibly skilled heroes can face foes of a more scientific bent, with the newly released GURPS Monster Hunters 5: Applied Xenology.

This meaty add-on for Monster Hunters offers a world of exciting new possibilities. Are the heroes masters of technology, experts on the occult, or both? Are the threats that prey on humanity from beyond the stars, the depths of Hell, our own world .*.*. or all of the above? Select the options to make the Monster Hunters campaign you want.

Applied Xenology includes scientific revisions and options for all the supernatural-focused templates from earlier supplements. This installment in the series also features technomagic a revamp of the Ritual Path magic system to use computer hardware and software to do the impossible. It also comes with a slew of horrifying aliens, ranging from conspiracy-suitable Greys and Reptoids to horrific monsters such Devourers and Insectoids. And that's not all!

With GURPS Monster Hunters 5: Applied Xenology, players and GMs alike now have a new world of possibilities to protect and endanger humanity .*.*. thanks to the power of science!

Steven Marsh

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