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Another new guy!
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Thread: Another new guy!

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    Another new guy!

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    Hi.... I'm new. I have been playing pnp games sense i meet my wife... So that makes just over 9 years now. I enjoy running and playing (i don't get to play often enough). Other friends have told me I am a power gamer.... Just because I enjoy having high base stats.... I probably am a power gamer... I mostly pay D&D 3.5 and star wars saga edition. But I am open to new stuff... Tbh though I am mostly here for resources,and to share some if my own creations.

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    Hi there, welcome to the site. Were you or the wife the gamer, originally, or were you both?

    What kind of resources are you "here for" and what kind of creations do you work on and share? I love sites that share and have downloadable resources and the ability to upload your own stuff, whether adventures or charts or supplements or whatever. I really miss rpgarchive and rpgsheets.

    I played original redbox D&D and AD&D2e but never did wind up liking 3x or other D&Ds (or Pathfinder or by extension SWSE since I think its also d20?), though I hear good things about 5. I have run Solomon Kane (SWD) in the chat here for almost 4 years and did some other minor play by post gaming earlier on other forums. Currently I mostly just play every few weeks at a friend's with family and such there, usually Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2e (not the tabletop minis game), which has been our go-to for literally decades, though I also like liter games like Wushu or to some extent Feng Shui or Savage Worlds, D6 etc.

    So you have a current group and is it local or online and are you looking for such, etc? Good to meet you!
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