I am hoping to find people to beta test the Squawk Role-Playing Game 2nd Edition who I don't know ("blind beta testers.") You can get to the beta test document at this URL: http://gameartsguild.com/content/index.php?title=Squawk

I am also looking for feedback on how the text is written.
Whenever we update something significant, we post notes on on these changes on: www.GameArtsGuild.com

If you make a suggestion we end up using, we'll put you in the credits (if you give us some kind of name to reference you in the credits with,) as well as get you a copy of the final PDF version of the book through DriveThruRPG.com.

Send feedback by e-mail to: squawk@gameartsguild.com (or post it in this thread here on Pen and Paper Games.)