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    Moving to Alberta and looking for group

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    Greetings, everyone.

    I'm going to be moving to Drumheller, Alberta for the summer to do some work in my chosen field (paleontology) and will be leaving my current gaming group behind. I am eager to find some new people in the area to game with, and while there seem to be plenty of options in Calgary end Edmonton the rest of the province really doesn't seem to have a lot of interested people, at least not many on the registry. I could potentially join a group in Calgary if nothing closer is available, but that would require over an hour of travel each way and would not be ideal. I will be arriving at the beginning of May.

    A bit about my background: I have been gaming since 2008, an I have spent about equal time as a GM and a player. I have completed two campaigns in D&D 3.5 that ran from level 1 to level 12, once as DM and once as player. I have also run two Pathfinder campaigns and played in one, and done many different Pathfinder Society scenarios on the side.

    I am willing to either play or run games in either of the above systems, and would also be interested in playing D&D 5e (and possibly 4e) though not as DM.
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    Welcome to PPG. I hope you find a great new group.
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