The game is New Babylon set in the world of 2095, It is an IRC game on the Darkmyst server (, on the channel #NewBabylon_nWoD. This is mostly a Changeling the Lost game though we have just incorporated Geist the Sin Eaters, which i am very excited about. I have been developing this game over a year now. Think of this game as Shadowrun meets World of darkness. The cyber punk genre works surprisingly well.

IRC is a text based game. You log on to the server by connection through programs like Mibbit and mIRC. It is descriptive and highly addictive. We try to keep it as close to table top as we can, the only difference is that it's a touch more social, where players have the chance to build allies and more through play not dice or downtime. We are a Dice/Sheet moderated game. If you want more information them please do not hesitate to contact me. There are no set days we play, players can log on anytime. If there are people available there is usually a game of some description, be it light social or Story Lines.

The Setting: Set in the district of New Babylon in 2095. A New frontier within one the towering Mega Cities along the Atlantic Coast of America. The worlds populations has been ravaged by disease, natural disasters and nuclear war. The face of the world has been forever changed as raising sea levels which claimed back the lands. With people in crisis the Catholic church became a beacon faith against the rising corporations and the ever changing face of technology. Among the supernaturals its a savage fight for freedom and survival as influence and resources stand between them and extinction.

If you want to read more information then please follow the link to our game forum. It has a detailed information regarding the world to date, the setting of New Babylon and more. Within the announcements section is information on how to find us and what IRC programs are available.
We Play when we can and have players available. Most players are in the USA so eastern standard time either evenings or sometimes in the mornings, depends on what, who and where.

Feel free to email me with any questions.