The setting of this campaign is a gritty and realistic post-apocalyptic zombie infested world. The virus that overtook humankind spread quickly and much is unknown about the current state of the world as most of the mainstream communications have gone down.

As this is gritty and realistic, the virus changes humans after being bit between 2-12 hours on average. There also is no magic, or futuristic weapons or vehicles.

We will be using the Atomic Highway Core Book to build characters, and several are already created to choose from. The point of the campaign will be real world decisions on how to survive the zombie apocalypse, and a well rounded group with invested role play is what I am seeking. Good story elements, good roleplay and character development, and wise decisions for combat are encouraged.

The game will be a fairly rapid progression with posts needing to be made within 4 hours of GM posting. This will result in 1-2 posts per day, per player.



The world had changed. In only a few short months what many had known as valuable and worthwhile life had been shattered at the uprising of this new, unknown, and horrific virus. Many rumors have circulated among the living about what the origins of this plague could be. Some believed it was a freak mutation of viruses breeding, while those still full of faith believed it was an act of God.

The dead began to rise and wander the earth. It seemed the long awaited resurrection had come, and yet in such a way that caused the living to wish it never had. Infrastructure of the world powers, America, Britain, China, had all collapsed. Communications were lost within a week of the outbreaks and civilization has returned to a savage and brutal state where only the strong can stay alive.

While many struggle to stay alive, seeking each day for food, shelter, and water, small groups of people have banded together to create some semblance of peace and safety. Each day brings new, and horrifying realities to those still walking the earth with breath in their lungs, as each day they have to face those who walk the earth with blood in their mouths and decaying skin falling from their bones. Many still refuse to call them zombies. Yet, in 5 months time since the outbreak, small pockets of survivors create Bartertowns, villages, tribes, and even gangs.

A midst all the turmoil and savagery, the most horrifying part is that human dignity has not improved. Even now, at World's End, we see the grim and selfish decisions of human nature. How long can one survive? Is there any hope for survival? Is there any hope for a cure? Our protagonists can set out in whatever manner they may in attempt to survive, and maybe change the outcome.