It's 2209. Do YOU know where your career is going?

The Forty Thieves Property Reclamation Agency is now hiring talented agents, including dataphreaks, Augmentheads, crew runners, and more.

Make big cash and receive on-job perks!
Develop marketable skills!
Earn credibility on the streets and in cyberspace!

40 Thieves repossess equipment, data, Augments, and other resources for a variety of prestigious clients.

Benefits include:
Full membership to and use of PantheonNetwork tech and login locations
Fully equipped premises with top-of-the-line Makers, GenPool and AutoDoc access
Secure, luxurious on-site dormitories and workspaces

Choose which contracts you want to fulfill for the company.

Work for an organization with a bright future and strong values. Apply today!


A myth-centered cyberpunk game.

We'll be using the Scion system, highly modified to suit a mid-future cyberpunk aesthetic. Gaia International butts heads with the Aesir Corp, individual hackers take on software packs enabling them to access the abilities of the greats of history. Fame and fortune (or at least followers) await you around every turn, if you don't fall victim to black ICE, Augmented soldiers, or the ire of the Multinationals.

This is a dual-GM game, with 2 GMs running simultaneously. It makes for a lot of one-on-one attention by the GMs, as well as giving a unique opportunity to meld play styles.

We play weekly, probably on Sundays, but that's negotiable.