Hi all my Gamers, Nerds, Geeks and anything else you identify with ! My name is poppy. I am an avid gamer myself and live in the Independce Missouri area. Interest, D&D , Gurps, Shadowrun, Pathfinder, Magic the Gathering, Attack wing.. yea.. I do a lot . So this brings me to my next subject. Boffer. More importantly, Belegarth. What is that? Yea itís a weird name Iíll admit, but have you ever seen Role Modles? Or even Knights of Badassdom? Its kinda like that, only full contact and no magic (sadly Iíd rather not fight a summons demon by mistake )
I help run the Independence, Mo. Group of boffer people called the Accursed! Itís a lot of fun and though ill admit rolling dice is a blast (I collect dice I should know) getting out there and hitting your friends and doing it in Garb, best ever. We do meet every week and we have a ton of fun. The rules are easy to learn and you have the opportunity to meet other people like this around the area as well. There are tournaments, big gathering games and wars, camp outs and more. Trust me, youll have a blast. Next question would probably be , how much does it cost? Well trying it is free, but you do get out of it what you put into it. There are different garb and weapon rules, you will learn that as you go. If youíre interested in this and want more information please contact me at nitesprite69@yahoo.com. Also you can watch some video of different things we do on yourtube at accursedoffenrir. I hope this is something that sounds fun and exciting to you, I hope to hear from you soon! Thanks so much for reading my long post, and hopefully Iíll be seeing you out on the field!