Please consider adding the following.

Spoiler Tags in forum posts. Helpful for concealing big rolls in PBP games and large images in other thread types or for the standard "spoiler stuff" that people want to keep out of direct eye-sight just in case. For example, threads about Game of Thrones.

Rolling dice in PMs in the chat. As it stands you can't make private rolls. This would be a useful trick for Horror type games or PVP games where someone is making an attack against another player.

Group PMs. Inviting more than one person to a PM at a time. Sure you might think "why not just join a room?" well sometimes it's not that serious. Maybe I just want to send a question to a few people without interrupting the conversation in the main chat or worrying about if they saw it before it scrolled off screen?

Inviting people to a room / changing room names / removing people from rooms as a VIP / Premium feature. :: There is no reason people shouldn't be allowed to do this really. In the old chat you could make a room, call it what you wanted, and as the creator of the room make it invite only and remove people who managed to get in without your approval. As far as I know, nobody abused these features. So if the new chat is capable of these things, there's no reason not to do them. Granted creating rooms doesn't seem possible, but renaming them is clearly possible, and I'm not sure about locking them or reserving them. But these could be a good place to start for VIP or Premium rewards, which as it stands, do nothing but change the color of a name in the list... so... kind of useless really. They don't even reorder the names for me since I sort A-Z. The best use of my coins at the moment is upgrading Pruttm to blue status because he doesn't want to be a blue and I think it's funny...

I would also like to see the dice roller improved. As it stands if I want to make two different rolls of a d20 to represent two different attacks, I can't. The rolls are summed up, and any bonuses to the attack have to be added to the end of the roll. Which complicates things if the bonuses are different. It's a minor inconvenience, but still an inconvenience.