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    Chat Rules

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    Please read and understand the expectations this site has as it relates to conduct in the chat rooms:

    Language, prose, and idioms:
    We are a diverse group of individuals, and it is expected that any language used on the open chat area will be in good taste and appropriate for use in mixed company. Mature topics and expletive laden chatter should be taken to a private chat room or to private messages.

    Respect fellow members:
    * Avoid personal attacks and flames. Debate opinions, not the people behind them.
    * Inflammatory language or images is not acceptable.
    * If you can't find a polite way of expressing your opinion, take a break, maybe sleep on it, and come back to it when you can express yourself calmly.

    Inappropriate Content:
    * Do not post links to pornographic or other inappropriate sites, or upload images that are of questionable or of sexual content.
    * If you find yourself questioning whether something is appropriate to be posted, it is better to err on the side of caution and not post it.
    * Spamming is not allowed in any fashion. Filling the screen with long repeated characters, or sending the same message over and over again qualifies as spam.

    * Do not post or link to material that infringes upon copyright. Using this site for anything illegal, including the infringement of copyright or linking to any sites where copyrighted material can be illicitly obtained will not be tolerated. Breaking this rule may result in suspension or banning of your account.

    * Harassment of any kind is not permissible in the forums, private messages, or anywhere in chat. This also includes talking about sexual oriented topics that make others uncomfortable. If there is any question in your mind if a topic is appropriate or if it might make others uncomfortable, then it is best that you avoid it. If you are the subject of harassment, please report it to me as soon as it occurs.

    A Note from The Big Cheese
    This website is about serving the tabletop game industry. As it relates to the big pie-chart of the gaming industry, tabletop RPGs are less than one-half percent of the market. We have an ember that continues to glow, but we are far from a roaring fire. I have no tolerance for needless drama. Drama is best fit for acting and roleplaying. Keep it there. If people are over-dramatic when trying to resolve an issue with me, my staff, or a user of this site, I will not hesitate to issue a ban. If it is severe enough, you will be removed from the site. Keep our hobby cool, and inviting to others.

    As Wil Wheaton says: Don't be a dick.

    Also, I love banning people. My ban-hammer is strong and powerful. It's like the one ring to rule them all, only it's made out of banning powers... My precious...
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