sabrina.stillings is my skype
This saturday @ 7:30 pm

We are playing a fun game where everyone is playing an awakened animal.
You will pick one cr 1/2 or lower animal and apply the awakened template to it.



This is a light hearted game. No 3rd party.

Max HP
0 Gold to start (you will be getting a list of items to choose from)

Game will be in one of the chat rooms on pen and paper games.


You were awakened by a wizard who wanted to keep you for company as a pet. He was accused of killing a nobleman with his witchcraft (hes innocent) and is sentenced to be executed in 30 days.
His last words to you as he was being taken away was "live well" (your relationship with the wizard is up to you, you may view him as your pet, apprentice, friend, enemy, ect). You are familiar with the town and the people that live in it, but no one knows your sentient. All builds must be approved by DM, No Mini Maxing please