Play Location/Method: via OpenRPG. You can download the program here.
Game/System: Pathfinder D&D.
Player or GM? DM.
Time/Frequency: Every Saturday afternoon from 1 pm to 7 pm Eastern time.
Genre: Setting TBD, but most likely high fantasy.
Current Needs: 1-2 players
Accept Drop-In Players?: No
Accept Spectators?: Yes
Short Description of the Campaign: The setting and type of campaign has yet to be determined, but will probably occur in either the Forgotten Realms or Andurin, a home-brewed game world. The game has not yet begun, as I'm still recruiting players. Ideally, I would like to begin sometime in the next 3-4 weeks, hopefully before Thanksgiving. The first session will be character creation and discussion of what type of game the players want.

As a general introduction, I'm a DM who has been running multiple successful long-term online RPG campaigns for the last 20 years. My longest online campaign to date has been running since August 2003. It first began under 3E D&D, then transitioned to 3.x, then 2nd edition AD&D, and now Pathfinder rules. It runs every Sunday from 1 pm to 7 pm; if you'd like to lurk so you can get a sense of how I DM, you're more than welcome. Those games occur in the Damrosil room on the Unshaped server.

For the Saturday game, I already have 4 players, and need 1-2 more to round things out.

Interested players who'd like to contact me can e-mail me at SobaAddict70 at gmail dot com. Please be sure to put "Saturday Pathfinder D&D game" in the subject line so I don't treat it as spam.

Thanks in advance.