I was checking out the links given by the 'PnP Bot' on the new White Wolf's release "Monte Cook's World of Darkness" and read some interesting opinions.

Some people were disappointed because it looks it's going to be a "D20 type", World of Darkness, some others argued that D20 Call of Cthulhu is a good product so why not to expect the same for WoD, and of course there are those who think this is a move of White Wolf just to reach a bigger audience.

While reading this comments I ended wondering if the system really carries such a big influence on how the players "Role Play the setting". A friend of mine said "The Media is the Message" and his opinion was that the current "Storytelling" system "resolve" conflicts in the same way either they are Social/Knowledge or Physical, which during character creation and development gives all three areas the same weight.

Is D20 really combat oriented? Does it favors "Hack & Slash"?

I use to play Old WoD Mage, and it was clear to me that you need a really good Game Master and a really Good Plot to get characters from each of the games (Vampire, Werewolf, etc) to interact with each other as a team. I still don't see how Monte Cook is going to accomplish that.

Anyway... find below a link to a friend version of Mexico Old WoD, he currently writes for White Wolf (Exalted). I am Mexican and I love it.