Hey there folks. I am new here and already have had some nice greeings by a few of the members here. Thanks for that.

My reason for posting this thread is to see of there are any SWSE gamers here. I have always had a biased opinion of the system as it was easy for me to obtain the books and I ran a game o two for my son and niece. I want to get a PbP game going on here or through roll20 or obsidian portal or... whatever is easiest for thse that want in.

I will also be stating a few blog posts regarding some homebrewed stuff that I have lying around.

I did see that there was a Star Wars Tapestry game/group that was doing stuff here for quite a while, but sees to have lost its luster. I hope to get something new and fresh going.

Anyways, just checking in on any interest in the game and all that comes with it.