River Kingdoms, 20 years after the failure of several parties to tame the Stolen Lands (aka Kingmaker). The Stolen Lands have become worse for the wear.

This will be a standard point buy, slow advancement, exploration and exploitation game. I have used the first adventure in Kingmaker and changed almost all the elements in it. Other than that, most of Kingmaker will either be used as source or not at all. Characters will once again have a charter to explore and conquer the Stolen Lands, but there are no consequences (other than what happens as a result) for not carving out a new kingdom. Life is hard in the River Kingdoms, but treasure and adventure await.

Normally I would advertise as a 75/25 combat/roleplay, but my players tend to be ruthless cut throats and there isn't a 95/5 option. There will be story, but I will not force it. There will be opportunities to found a kingdom, but I will not force that either.

There will also be opportunities to go Mythic, as per the Mythic Adventures book. This is entirely up to the players, though. In order to become Mythic, one must seek out and engage in Mythic opportunities.

I allow all Pathfinder (Paizo) books, psionics (Dreamscarred Press), and other books on a per book basis.

Noon, every other Sunday. We range from younguns (I think 19) to olduns (me at 41) and I have dogs (little wee ones).