Hey, I moved here a couple weeks ago. Looking to game some good tabletop.
Legends of Anglerre, Strands of Fate, Mystic Empyrean, Into Dreams, World of Darkness, Pathfinder.
I like being outside the d20 bubble (Legends of Anglerre & loose Mystic Empyrean are my favorites & are outside the bubble) but open to most anything. Various genres & themes (Fantasy to space to whatever). I prefer the storytelling aspect to the boardgaming aspect, bet there's a time for everything.

I'm an active guy in mid 20s, new to Eugene Oregon, living in the Friendly neighborhood. I'd like to stay close to my neighborhood as I don't have a car with me. If you're on the bus line / have wheels, awesome. I'm looking for an open-minded mellow group.

I'm posting this as a player. I've been the Storyteller/GM in the past, & just want a break from it if I can find a group.

There are two great gaming places near me - one on Willamette & another by Sundance market.

Thanks! All my best.