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    Exclamation Start Here!

    Welcome! Your participation in the Dark Days in Sion play-by-post game starts here. It is a Dungeons and Dragons, 3.5e game incorporating house rules, set in my homebrew world of Sion. World data and house rules are posted up on Obsidian Portal. Please take a look at what the world has to offer and how the house rules make 3.5e more versatile and exciting. https://sion.obsidianportal.com/wikis/main-page

    Game Status: Off Hiatus, Accepting new Players!


    Pen and Paper Username Character Name Align Age Sex Race Class Level
    Shun001 Kryslogius 24 M Human (Chivalan) Fighter (3) 3
    p3sent Ersun Durim TN 25 M Underfolk Bardic Sage (2), Duskblade (2) 4
    Ivan Wrenwil LN 57 M Human (Chivalan) Cleric (3) 3


    Interested in Joining?

    Great! First thing to do is send me a private message after you register for this site. Don't worry if you aren't already an expert at D&D 3.5e or have a ton of prior online roleplaying experience. Myself and the other players are happy to help. Also, all the websites/material utilized for this game are free to acquire so no worries there either.

    What you should expect?

    Expect to have fun! Play by Post games are a great way to combine a love for writing with a penchant for roleplaying. When several people get their heads together they can weave a very grand story indeed! Also, this sort of game isn't as taxing on your free time as a live-action game is because everyones schedule may differ, yet the game will go on regardless! That's the beauty of play-by-post (pbp)

    Another great thing about pbp is how all the posts are stored here on the forum for others to follow like an ongoing novel. In that sense, pbp is more fulfilling and really gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment.

    What I expect

    I expect my players to treat each other with courtesy and respect. I expect my players to make meaningful contributions to the game on a reasonably frequent basis. (On average, a new post within 48 hours of the last post shouldn't be too much to ask.) My posts may not be as frequent as those of the players, but that does not make a me hypocrite because I have a much harder job behind the scenes as the DM.

    I expect my players to pay attention and communicate any questions/concerns with me before they make a bad post. In other words, do your best to ensure your post is properly formatted (there's plenty of examples to use for guidance), and don't ruin your characters chances for success by wasting your actions because you didn't read the posts of myself and others to fully understand the situation. (Editing posts after the fact can ruin the flow of the game, especially if other players respond to your post before I do.)
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