The question about what information this site may use or share has come up enough times, that I felt we needed a stated policy. You can find the Pen & Paper Games Privacy Statement under the FAQ section, or by following the link provided at the bottom of every page. The long and short of it is what you'd expect. We don't share your personally identifiable information with any third party, except the optional information you choose to share on your player profile which is viewable to anyone who visits the site.

On that note, I've noticed some members putting their e-mail addresses in their profile bio section or in posts, and this is something I would strongly recommend against. Automated web crawlers can pickup these publicly viewable addresses and collect them for spammers. There is an option in the UserCP that will share your email address with other members if you wish, which keeps any unregistered viewer (or web crawlers) from seeing the e-mail address. That is the best way to avoid getting your e-mail address on some spam list somewhere. Alternatively, you are always free to use the PM system here on the forums which keeps your address completely private.