Hi all,

I'm about to embark my first ever campaign as a GM. Most of my players are from the east side and without a car of their own, so I've listed the following criteria below in hopes I can crowd source the most ideal location, as currently our homes don't quite help our situation:

  • Must be close to a widely used bus route or transit center (including weekends)
  • Must be on the east side of Seattle (Bellevue, Redmond preferred)
  • Must be relatively quiet, like coffee shop ambient. Some game stores have very poor sound reduction, if any and there's no way I can keep my voice above a bunch of other gaming tables or hear others on a continuous basis. If you know of a coffee shop that could even manage us, that wouldn't mind us, that would be cool.
  • Location cool with a group camping out at tables for three hours (3.5 tops) and not kick us out for not continuously buying food or drinks.

I realize this may be asking too much in some cases, but maybe, just maybe, there's a few locales I'm not familiar with yet that would assist in our search. Thanks so much!