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April 22, 2013: It's Time To Socialize!

One of the biggest success stories on e23 in recent years has been GURPS Social Engineering, William H. Stoddard's sourcebook for interpersonal interactions. Building off both the rules and spirit of that foundation, Pyramid #3/54: Social Engineering showcases options and opportunities to use those top-toned talking talents.

The cover feature of this issue is by none other than the inestimable Mr. Stoddard himself, where he expands on the Social Engineering core with optional techniques and styles that let you flex your interactive abilities to the fullest like "martial arts" for the social arts! This issue also includes new rules and possibilities for multilingual settings by Assistant GURPS Line Editor Jason "PK" Levine, plus arcane architect Matt Riggsby's ideas for how to mold your GURPS City Stats-detailed locales in new and exciting ways.

For those looking to unleash their investigative expertise, Mr. Riggsby presents the Palais du Monde, which offers the foundations for a GURPS adventure that takes the heroes on a tour of an amazing locale (with maps). And last but not least, David L. Pulver provides diplomatic opportunities with a systemless organization that bridges tense relations between monsters and monster hunters!

If the heroes' Plan B of "fight your way out" is getting used more often then they'd like, this issue can help hone those communication skills that form Plan A. Pick up this issue individually, or start your subscription today and join the conversation!

Steven Marsh

Warehouse 23 News: Upgrade To The Mark IIIB!

The Mark III-B is the upgunned version of it's namesake.

This version has two more missile batteries and an additional main battery for a bigger punch.

Combine Set 12: OGRE Mark IIIB contains a complete Ogre Mk. III-B; a "repair kit" (with an extra tower and set of guns) in case of battle damage; a "swimming tower" to represent the Ogre when it's underwater; and a record card.

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