Originally posted on Thursday 04-18-2013 10:47 AM at koboldquarterly.com

The April issue of ProFantasy Software’s*Cartographer’s Annual 2013 contains a gorgeous new CC3 style by fantasy*cartographer Jonathan Roberts: the Midgard World Overland Style, based on his world map for the Midgard Campaign Setting.
Jonathan’s map style is compatible with the overland style he created for the Cartographer’s Annual Vol 5, but is also fully self-contained.
Kobold Worldbuilder’s Special:*Visit the*Midgard page*at*ProFantasy*Software and use the voucher code*KOBOLDPRESS@CC3 to*get*50% off CC3*when you buy it with any Cartographer’s Annual.
Already own CC3?*Email*help@profantasy.com*and they’ll work out a voucher for another product! Such nice guys over there.

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