Waves Foam watches approvingly until it appears to be too much, and she advises you to start with focusing on a few things at once, and just let the other things wash over and past you like background noises. She explains that you are now tapping into her senses to a certain degree, though she is holding some of it back as you don't have the referents necessary to understand certain of her senses. You start to see how her previous explanation about changing your senses could improve your ability to fight. It would be very hard to sneak up on your now!

She also cautions you that your senses are strongest aboard her, will be weaker debarked, and potentially weakest aboard another Ship, assuming a degree of unfriendliness. When questioned about her touching you, she gives you a somewhat complicated and long speech about actuating nerve fiber endings via artificial inductance of your enhanced sensory apparatus to create the illusion of being touched... most of which simply passes over your head, and reinforces your previous observation about sometimes her words not meaning what you (or she) thinks they mean.