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Thread: Free GURPS Resources

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    Here is a list of GURPS resources I made for my group. I figure I should share it here, too. This list is divided into three sections: one for new players, one for experienced players, and one for game masters.

    These items deal with the basics.

    One Page GURPS
    A quick overview of the system for new players.

    GURPS Lite
    The free introductory rulebook.

    GURPS Character Sheet

    Simplified Combat Maneuvers
    A quick reference for combat.

    Trait List Add-On
    Some traits that were left out of the list on page 297-306 of the Basic Set.


    SJG's GURPS Forum
    The place to go for help with GURPS. Lots of friendly people who like to give pointers. This is basically the free, interactive, third volume of the Basic Set.

    PK's GURPS House Rules
    A set of great rules tweaks by one of the best minds in GURPSdom. I use these rules in all my campaigns.

    PK's Monster Hunters Extras
    Item 1 is important when making characters for a Monster Hunters game using PK's house rules.

    PK's Action and Dungeon Fantasy extras

    An overview and review of the classic fantasy setting, to help orient new players.

    Once you get the hang of the system, you may find some of these documents useful.

    GURPS Skill Categories
    Skills organized to simplify character creation.

    Tips on Character Creation
    Skills for adventurers
    Skills to find secret doors
    Skills for gathering information (with a note on the "Gather Information" skill in D&D)
    Status, wealth, rank, and independent income clarified
    Archers. Note that this was written before Martial Arts came out. Look up Heroic Archer, Special Exercises (Arm ST), Strongbow, and the "balanced" quality option for bows and arrows. Also see the reflex bow in Low-Tech; it is better than the composite bow.

    Combat Cards
    Reference cards with all maneuver options, including those from GURPS Martial Arts.

    Printable Maneuvers and Postures Reference
    Includes options from Martial Arts.

    Printable Hit Locations References
    Includes options from Martial Arts. The first includes details on postures, but lacks the nose, spine, and weapons.

    Comprehensive Combat and Injury References
    Includes rules from Martial Arts. Text is too small to print legibly on letter size paper, though.

    Collision, Slam, and Falling Damage Table and Excel Spreadsheet
    If you hate calculating collision damage, you can download a table or spreadsheet. There is other interesting stuff at this site, too.


    Getting Started
    Advice on running a simple introductory GURPS campaign, to help a beginning GM get started with a minimum of confusion.

    Ordinary Joes
    Guidelines for building ordinary people as GURPS characters.

    Skill Modifiers in GURPS
    If you are having trouble challenging PCs with skills of 20 or above, you are forgetting situational modifiers!

    Caravan to Ein Arris
    An introductory fantasy adventure.

    Zombie Town
    A fan-created modern horror adventure.

    Call of Cthulhu
    Chaosium's classic game of Lovecraftian horror is quite easy to convert to GURPS. This post explains how.

    GURPS Update
    A guide for converting Third Edition products to Fourth Edition.

    Free Pyramid Articles
    Adventures, settings, and other material for GURPS. Most are for Third Edition, and will require some conversion.

    Horror Adventures for Third Edition
    Under "Resources", there are links to some adventures you may want to convert to Fourth Edition.

    Cray Canyon Cold Snap
    A supernatural horror adventure in the Old West. The first version is system-agnostic. The second has stats for Third Edition GURPS.
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