We've made a 007 RPG. And a Jason Bourne RPG. And a Band of Brothers RPG. And an Alias RPG. And an RPG that is intentionally simple and modular, so you can create your own mod, or use someone else's, and run whatever game you want, for free!

And the core rules are posted in the Fantasy/D&D section...but it goes like this:

1 - Uncertainties are resolved with opposing d20 rolls: versus a player, or versus the GM.
2 - Characters start with three abilities, Physical, Mental, and Metaphysical, rolled with 3d6 each, which influence their activities.
3 - Ability scores also act as hit points, measuring the most damage a character can take of that type.
4 - Characters have Levels to show their general superiority to other characters.
5 - For things that have levels of progress, a character has Skill Points that can't exceed his level.
6 - For things that don't progress, or exceptions to rules, a character has Perks.
7 - To turn characters into heroes, characters can use a Hero point, which is a free daily 1d4 bonus to any roll, per character level.
8 - The GM adds situational difficulty to rolls if it's not an automatic success, from +0 (easy) to +20 (divine).
9 - A player or GM can always take a roll result of 10, provided he announces it before rolls are made.
10 - Skills and Perks can be whatever players want them to be, as long as the whole game-group agrees. In general, each one should have the most narrow, yet useful, scope possible. They can build on each other from there.

11, of course, is that this is a work in progress, and everyone's invited to partake. If your rule is more complex, add it to a mod! If your rule is fundamental, let's put it in the core rules.

How does this apply to...

007? This mod could have a Suave ability, which adds to a double-Os ability to use the Bluff, Seduce, and Negotiate skills.

Bourne Identity? Add a Spy Network rule, which measures how black an operative's status is, and how many agents he knows at his level of secrecy.

Alias? Each character gets a Coincidence stat. A randomly determined percentile, anytime something important comes up in the story, a player can roll his Coincidence to see if that element is directly related to the character's history (known or unknown).

Band of Brothers? Just add machine guns...