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Thread: Ok so How to PBP?

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    Ok so How to PBP?

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    I'm fairly new to the idea of a PBP game and would like to set one up. I have years of experience running RPG’s and would like to branch into this field to better fit my gaming into my life. I'm looking for some advice on running a PBP game stuff like how to set up and get started, structuring play (RP vs battle and Sandbox vs Railroad), frequency of post (should I require a frequency say like 3 times a week), etc... (or just any other advise you can think of)
    I'm considering modern fantasy pitting players in an intrigue, mystery drama where the forces of Darkness and the forces of Good have the world of mortals at a stalemate. The eternal battle for the souls of mortals has become a long game of subtle moves and counter moves. The many mortals (who are aware) see both sides as being content and not trying to win the war. The forces of Good seem to not respond to the needs of people allowing horrors to consume the souls of mortals.
    The players would be along the lines of Dresden files or Constantine, people of knowledge or lonely people who have discovered this strange supernatural world lurking all around them. Another option would be a Demon or Angle who have been severed from there “source” and thus their sustenance forcing them to have to use mortal souls as food, by possessing them and influencing the mortals’ actions. Also Characters like Ghost Rider (backstory wise) who are champions of one side or the other that refuse to be used or any form of supernatural entity with reason to rebel against the statuesque.
    The games feel would be like a mystery/intrigue comic or book with supernatural powers fighting for dominance of players and the world. I think this sort of campaign would work well with the PBP format also insuring that the characters backstories and abilities were kept secret even from each other I feel would add to the RP a lot.
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