(I know it's likely in the right place, but if i posted this thread in the wrong spot, do let me know, and kindly move it. thank you.)

For the last couple of years, I have spent some of my spare time just making little table-top games. Mostly zombie apocalypse based. Me and my friends are the only people who played these, and that's likely not going to change. However, in the last week, I have astonished myself by getting 186 pages (some of it is copy pasted) worth the RPG material for an elder scrolls d20 system. But since i made it in such a short span of time, I want help in revising, refining, fixing, re-balancing, and improving this game. Let me real quickly go over some of the features:

1. An in-depth back story system that has a noticeable impact on your characters stats.
2. Powerful skill system that I intend to expand to include spears, crossbows, and all other manner of skills.
3. Perk trees for said skills.
4. 39 pages of history.
5. 75 pages of monsters.
6. A module to get you started.

Please note, I AM missing a few things. Such as an alchemy chart, or enchantment limitations. For now, I have this in very early pre-alpha, and I post here in the hopes of getting feedback on the books that make up this game. This game will be totally free when I am done with it, No charge whatsoever, free to download.

Now then, I ask politely, that some of you download the books, give them a look, and maybe try and play the module. Tell me what I should fix, and what I should leave alone, what I should revise, and so on.

I want this to be good. But with my lack of experience on this matter, I need a lot of help, so I came here. The download for these books resides on mediafire, and also comes with character sheets. Here is the link.