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Campaign Summary
Campaign Summary Genre: Fantasy
System Used: Pathfinder
Style: 50% Roleplaying / 50% Combat
Current Players: 2
Desired # of Players: 1
Game Location City: Browns Summit
State: NC
Zip Code / Postal Code: 27214
Country: USA
Game Times Frequency: Biweekly
Days of Week: Sunday
Online Game Details Online Game?: No
Additional Options Looking for Players?: Yes

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Thread: Rise of the Runelords

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    Brown Summit

    Rise of the Runelords(Brown Summit, NC)

    Long time player new DM looking to run a bi-weekly Pathfinder game have 1 player and 1-2 more potential ones but would like to have 4 or 5 players total so looking for 1-2 more. My potential players so far have either no D&D experience or no RPG experience at all so lack of experience not an issue. I have been playing various RPGs mainly focusing on versions of D&D for 18 years so experienced players are welcome as well.
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