Hello all

Just stumbled on this site. I'm already on a number of other forums but, you know, you can never be on too many forums! Especially if you're a game designer... Don't worry, I won't subject the forum to relentless shilling. I'll post about my games in the relevant forum in a bit, but first, who am I? No, really, who am I? I've forgotten. Hang on, [pulls up shirt collar] Er, says here "Leo Marshall, form 3B". Ah, so that's who I am. Hang on, it's coming back to me now... I'm a 47yo gamer (both RPG and boardgames) and I live in London, England. In fact I've only been roleplaying for two years (two years next month in fact): I rocked up at a big games con on the 'sunny' South Coast here in the good ole' U of K, thinking it was a boardgames con. I realised my error on tbe first day, but then ended up playing a couple of cool games- Dogs in the Vineyard and Fiasco- and I was hook, line and sinkered! Been enthusiastically roleplaying ever since. And, as I have a creative bent, it wasn't long before I started to have ideas for games; however, as I say, no shilling in this thread.

So, what games do I like to play. Well, I must admit to being a pretty hard-core narativist, and a 'dirty hippy' one at that- I'm big on small press one-shot games such as Witch, Microscope, Dead of Night etc. So, do I never play any 'trad' games then? Oh yes, I do. Matter of fact the guy I'm co-writing one of my games with is pretty trad so thanks to him I've played HEX, nWod (V:tM and Changeling: the Lost), Victoriana and most recently a beta playtest of a fairly combat-heavy game called Crimson Exodus. That proved a wee bit crunchy for me but it's still a good game. What else? Er, well I'm a HUGE fan of CoC, and I also like The Laundry (I'm also very into SF and am a budding SF writer), so all in all I cover a broad range, and will very rarely flatly refuse to play something because it's too trad, or too combat heavy or whatever.

Ok, looking for'ard to chatting wit' y'all!