I was on TTW (thetangledweb.net) to try to find a group, but I find that the groups I've made on there just fizzle out far too quickly. I would try to DM a more local group, except for the fact that I don't have my DnD (4e) stuff (long story). I have the books on my computer, and I can get Maptools to work okay, but the farthest that I've taken a character is to lvl 4 (one in 3.5 to lvl 6, but she started there). I have the characters I like to play as (I like to play & DM), but now I'm looking for a group online that can actually get commited to a 2-3 time a week game. I play on Saturdays 3.5 with a different group, but they /really/ don't like 4e, so that's out right there, and I live in a pretty small town, so the chances of finding people who are interested in playing DnD are too slim.

So basicly my question is this: Where on here can I post that I'm looking to DM a game online?