My Group is looking for new players to join the campaign we are currently doing. We have been wanting others to join to form a stable constant group. We do other systems besides Gurps, and are open to new ones as well. As a group we also will play different table top, or card games.

For the people we are looking for to join, all you need are a constant ride, your own dice, and not mind small kids. Also we are open to any new systems, or games. Group meets Sundays 4-8, with a typical hard cut off at 8.

The current game we are doing is a mid-evil style game, set in the mystical land of Somewhere Not Specific. The world is on a brink of war after 1000 years of unsteady peace and the Great Doombledur has collected heroes to stop it. It is up to them to bring a stable peace back to the land. A world with Dragons, monsters, and men dressed like women, only the heroes can stop the next Endless War.

The general stats are 139 points, 25 disadvantages. tech level 3 world. We are in need of a general wizard, or thief but that is not needed. We have a healer, barbarian, and a crazy psyonic. For more information here is the wiki: