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View Poll Results: Which 3 profile fields are most helpful in determining if a player/group is a good fit?

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    50 72.46%
  • Age

    13 18.84%
  • Availability

    39 56.52%
  • Desired Gaming Frequency

    20 28.99%
  • Preferred Genres

    18 26.09%
  • Favorite RPGs

    16 23.19%
  • Playing Style - Combat vs. Roleplay

    28 40.58%
  • Ideal Group Size

    5 7.25%
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Thread: Player Profiles: What is the Most Useful Information to You?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moritz View Post
    So Grimwell, I'll ask this all in good fun. Just razzin ya.

    Do you dress in women's clothing and turn your backside to a mirror to look at it?

    And then of course every other guy who is pretending to be a girl is gonna hit on you for a lesbian experience. While all the guys that are dressed as guys trick themselves into thinking that you're a real girl and they'll flirt with you trying to get a little cyber action.

    No don't ruin my Saturday nights......
    The Yeti aka Magnus the Archmage
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    Bryon_Soulweaver - "Stupid nobles, hope Mangus blasts them (and I woundn't doubt if he could)."
    Funeris's 2nd SH(he isDM)

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    Whoops, my bad. Every girl you ever meet online is really a hawt stripper or porn star just killing some extra time between sets.

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