This current campaign has been play tested by one of my old groups and is ready to begin in earnest.

The world is created by me with some familiar and many unfamiliar races. Some races have different viewpoints than expected so do not make assumptions based on published works.

The starting point for the campaign is from a non human standpoint, evil or good is up to the group to decide, however there are many undercurrents at play that make for a rich campaign. (you will not be starting as Drow, Orc, Goblin or other familiar options)

I run a free flowing style that allows the group to set the direction and tone similar to real world options, with background development options to enhance play and provide concurrent personal goals to run within the group goals. The system being used is D&D 3ed with some house rules. I plan on running a game every two weeks on Saturday afternoon from 4-5pm to 9 to 11pm based on final group make up and decision. The game will be held at my home on the border of Richardson and Dallas.

The Krelran empire has fallen on hard times and is on the edge of disappearing, the campaign revolves around a group of Krelran and their efforts to halt or accelerate the decline. Gaming should be 50 to 60% roleplaying with the balance combat and exploration. This is a wide open and non standard world even if some parts feel similar. Email me if interested.