You have found Tombstone! Turn back before it is too late!

Do you have a passion for tabletop style roleplaying games but just don't have the time for them? I just might have a solution for you. This one of the kind play by post wild west game only takes 15 minutes per week to enjoy. You don't have to spend hours creating a character sheet, participate in a group session at a certain day and time of the week, and you only need to come in once a week for 15 minutes!
The Tombstone Roleplaying Game is very easy to understand and can be addictive. You simply create a character sheet while signing up (it only asks for a name, race, and disadvantage) and the DM will automatically create your character sheet which will be posted in the forums waiting for you. From there, you look for your character sheet and follow instructions on how to proceed. In principle, you have 10 commands to issue so your adventurer can stay busy throughout the week. Every Sunday results will be posted to allow you to react to them and provide new commands for the new week.

This game isn't all about being a gunslinger, but also one can own businesess, practice a skill, marry and have kids, rescue a miner . There are also campaigns to explore, and one can own many buildings and rent them out.

So what do we have here?

1. Character creation as simple as 1,2,3.
2. No requirement to participate at a certain time or day.
3. The game caters to your style of play.
4. Takes only 15 minutes to issue commands for your adventurer to stay busy for the week.
5. The game is free and always will be.
6. Provides space to write a journal of your character's experiences if desired. (Writers welcomed!)
7. Easy to understand rules to get engaged in the game right away.
8. GM friendly and always helpful throughout the week.
9. The game is more then just a hack and slash and reap the treasure gaming. (Of course you can play this also if desired)
10. Last but not least a free Player's Guide is available to help understand on how to play the game.

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What are you waiting for join us and let's have some fun!